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top 10 reasons to choose us!

Azul Hawaii - Pool Service Maintenance Repair
Azul Hawaii - Pool Service Maintenance Repair LED Lighting

swimming pool service and repair 

1. We are experienced and knowledgeable of swimming pool over 14+ years.

2. We are from a second generation of landscaping family business of over 30 years in Hawaii.
3. Our top attributes include:  trustworthy, reliable, dependable, responsible, professional & friendly 'aloha' service.
4. ‘Customer First’ & 'First Class' Service means that our homeowners always come first, we anticipate their needs and make every effort to exceed their expectations.

5. We take pride in our quality workmanship.
6. We are always happy to provide references and we come highly recommended. 

7. As a family with children and homeowner, the following are  just as important: 
• Clean and safe pool/spa
• Enhance the value of your home
• Enjoy your pool/spa for a long time
• Save money and spend more quality time with your family

8. Our current accounts include residential and commercial properties and have high customer retention.

9. We are insured, licensed and certified owner-operator. 

10. We provide an Incentive Program for all your Referrals; it's our way of saying mahalo! ​

Azul Hawaii

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Our basic swimming pool service maintenance include:

1. Complete test water for chlorine, Ph, acid demand and total alkalinity. 

2. Add necessary chemicals. 

3. Skim surface of pool. 

4. Vacuum swimming pool if necessary. 

5. Brush walls of pool. 

6. Clean hair/lint basket. 

7. Clean skimmer basket. 

8. Backwash filter as necessary. 

9. Monitor for algae. 

10. Assist homeowner in maintaining proper water level. 

11. Keep pump and filter area neat and clean. 

12. Report any equipment problems or malfunctions. 

13. Record services on homeowner’s/facility’s log (to be kept at your home for your reference) 

14. Repairs & Installations